You need help with a rental property? We can provide that help!


Retail Property Management

When you own a retail building, you're more than just a landlord. You're a partner in business with your tenants. You need help them succeed, so they stay in business and pay their rents. That means maintaining your building in top shape, making all the needed upgrade and repairs. We can help you with that and more. We can help you budget for your long and short term expense, and get your regular maintenance headaches under control.

Marketing the property
  • Analysis of property and neighborhood
  • Suggest improvements for maximum rent
  • Repair network to assist owner in making any improvements
  • Comprehensive advertising for widest exposure
  • 24 hour office to handle inquiries and provide information
Prospective Tenant Screening
  • Credit check and evaluation
  • Public record check for court judgement, bankruptcies
  • Unlawful detainer record check to ensure no prior evictions
  • Verification of applicant's income and job history
  • Interview previous landlords to establish rental history
Leasing the property
  • Lease agreement tailored for your property's needs
  • Collect rent and security deposits
  • Signed and verified Tenant inspection check list
Account Management Tools
  • Email and On-line Statements
  • Electronic checks
Property finances
  • Monthly management will depend on property size and type
  • No Fee during vacancies
  • Monthly statement and rent disbursement
  • Annual statement for filing tax schedule E